Upcoming changes

Updates and deprecations coming in the future and how to prepare for them.

1. Time-picker feature for the Datepicker component

I'm working on adding a time picker to the Datepicker component, probably that feature will be released as a new optional setting that shouldn't conflict with the current version but there is a possibility that may affect the way the component is used.

Ready See docs →

2. More components on the way

I want to add a couple of more components. I'm currently considering toast notifications, file input/manager, an autocomplete, a carousel, and probably more, still no special priority.

Plans for version 3.x

I have big plans for the next version of this library that includes:

  • New branding (website, logo, name, etc)
  • Rebuilt for Vue 3
  • More Typescript improvements
  • No dependencies
  • More accessibility features
  • Stronger test coverage
  • Strongly considering make a sibling library for React
  • Sponsorware premium components that may help me to maintain this project more about the Sponsorware model →

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