Release Notes

What's new in the latest version of the vue-tailwind library.

vue-tailwind v.2.2

New features

  1. Finally you can use a timepicker on the TDatepicker component Read more →

vue-tailwind v.2.0

New features

  1. New syntax for installing the components
  2. Install only the components you need for smaller bundle size
  3. Custom name for components
  4. The ability to install the same component multiple times with different default settings and name
  5. New default theme

vue-tailwind v.1.3

New features

  1. A brand new Dialog component (TDialog) released. Read more →

  2. Misc fixes

vue-tailwind v.1.2

New features

  1. Now you can override the default value of every prop in the components, this is very useful when you want to avoid changing the default behavior of a component without needed to set the props every time. Read more →

  2. A brand new Datepicker component (TDatepicker) released. Read more →

  3. Better Typescript integration and some bug fixes

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