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👨‍💻 Hey! Alfonso here

I spend hundreds of hours in this project to challenge myself to make the greatest and more flexible library of UI components for CSS utility-first frameworks like TailwindCSS.

As you may imagine, this project represents a lot of work and different associated costs.

Is this project is helpful for you can help in different ways:

  1. 🎖 Consider nominating me for the Github Stars program (@alfonsobries)
  2. ⭐️ The easiest way to help is by giving me a star in Github
  3. 🔧 You can help to add new features or fixing bugs in Github
  4. 📝 Improve the documentation by fixing missing or wrong information, typos, or grammar errors (I'm not a native English speaker). Check the source code here:
  5. 💵 One of the best ways to help me is by sponsoring me in GitHub so I can spend more time in this project and still pay the bills.

    Also you can send me a single BTC donation:


Interested in a Gold Sponsorship?

Are you a company or organization that benefits from this project and is interested in sponsoring it. We can put your logo in a special section of this site and even talk about some premium support.

You can contact me through twitter or send me an email: alfonso[at]

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